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Your Automotive OEM’s may request compliance to their Third Party Information Security Requirements. Therefore, security assessments are critical in determining the effectiveness of your organization’s current security position. With the rising number of security breaches occurring in our environment, large automakers are increasingly concerned about protecting their data. There is an industry-wide push to enforce suppliers to be compliant with various third-party security requirements as part of their contractual agreements.

During security assessments, with our in-depth skills, the SecureAuto consultant will evaluate your current controls and benchmark them against leading, industry-standard practices. Our assessments are designed to test specific compliance to Third Party Information Security Requirements and to meet contractual requirements, automotive OEM-specific requirements and automotive industry best practices. We will help assess and identify your areas of weakness and ensure compliance with industry regulations and adopted best practices.


Evaluate Your Current State & Manage Risk with Specialized Security Assessment Services. 

Our uniquely-skilled, certified security professionals will conduct a thorough examination of your security posture and provide deliverables such as: Compliance Mappings, Remediation Plans, Technical Deliverables, Executive Summary and Scorecards (as requested).

If you would like to conduct your own self-assessment of your environment and want some guidance along the way, we can assist with that too! Click on Memberships to learn how joining our community will provide valued-added resources at lower prices.

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